Our Site is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure which means all communications on the Site are Encrypted. We have strong security policies and have also instituted measures to protect your personal data. We do not share sensitive information of clients who patronize our services. Mrshopghana will never as ask you for your PASSWORD or ask you to reset your password via phone, via email, skype or any social networks(Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.). However, if you begin to receive any of such messages, please do contact Mrshopghana as soon as possible.

We collect some data from you such as your Full name, Address, Email, Phone Number and the Recipient’s Phone Number when you opt to use our services. This information we collect from you is for the sole purpose of providing you with the services that you request. The data we collect from you is for the following reasons.

We may collect your contact information which could include:

  1. Your email address and phone number are what we use to contact you to resolve any issues that may arise as a result of purchases made on
  2. Your email address is what we used to send your purchase confirmation email, order number, pick-up time and also notify you when the Recipient picks up their items.
  3. We use this data to verify your purchase on Mrshopghana and also use the Recipient’s phone number to notify them when pick up is ready.

A Sender can demand a refund by contacting us and providing an Order Number. They may be asked to provide some few information for verification purposes. The sender must make sure the order has not been picked up already. Orders that have been picked up already cannot be refunded. Mrshopghana will not be held liable for refund charges. The refund charges will be bared by the Sender.

Please do call our customer service personnel or contact us via email and we will get issues resolved as soon as possible. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order if we suspect any fraudulent activities during purchase.


PCI DSS Certification
Our payment gateway meets all the International Security Standards and is PCI DSS Certified. Mrshopghana takes its security and private information seriously. Any fraudulent activities we suspect on the site, will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Customers who will be involved in activities like this will have their Mrshopghana account deleted or suspended until further notice.

We do not store your credit card details, we only have access to the first 4 digits of your Credit Card. We are given access to this first 4 digits for reference purposes. Your privacy is not for sale. We do NOT share or sell your information to any third party. We reserve the right to cancel an order if we suspect fraudulent use of credit or debit card. A sender MAY be asked to provide additional information for verification purposes. We reserve the right to cancel an order under the following circumstances, mistakes in pricing or when the item is out of stock at the time of purchase. We also reserve the right to cancel an order if the recipient does not pick up their order within 21 working days. In such situations, a refund will be made and the sender will be liable for all charges incurred.